Saturday, July 11, 2009

A single gardenia.

gardenia In my garden today is a single beautiful gardenia. I had thought the gardenias had stop blooming for the season, but there it is. To me, its like a symbol of hope. Just when you think nothing in life is going right, a single gardenia blooms to show me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am going to be okay. It just may take a little time to sort my life out, but it will be sorted out. I'm going to survive. Thank you, little gardenia flower, for reminding me.


  1. Yeah, I agree totally, there is alwas light on the end of the tunnel, we just sometimes dont see the path e have to take thru the darkness. Isnt it beautiful how much an impact a flower (or a teddy) can have on our life when we are ready to see it? So happy you feel better and lighter. Hugs

  2. For me also, there is something magical about flowers. I tend to take pictures of them all time because I can never figure out which one was the prettiest. I'm really happy for you to have found inspiration in that special flower.

  3. Sharon, Dear, keep checking on you, hoping you are doing ok. Keep you in my thoughts and my fingers crosses